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When Good Coils Go Bad

Standard Tank with Coil

For the past 3 years, we have come across many issues and did much research and troubleshooting to help our customers. We want to provide the information and some solutions that may help people better understand how the devices work along with a simple fix. Nine out of 10 tens, the issue is with the coil rather than the tank itself and the vaporizer. Granted, there are times when it is the vaporizer unit (base) - and it is usually because the device was improperly charged and/or it has been dropped. I have decided to do separate posts on different issues so that my readers can pinpoint their issue and get the information they need quicker without reading through everything, although, knowledge is power - please read the other stuff too :). Those issues will be discussed in future posts. Let's get down to the burn!



Firstly, there is wire and cotton in a coil. The wire heats up the cotton which should be completely saturated with e-liquid. Once the coil is installed, then attached to the top, the center is enclosed. The liquid in the tank needs to soak from the outside in. If there are any dry spots, the dry cotton will burn. Once a portion of the cotton is burnt, everything will taste burnt and the coil needs to be replaced. With that being said, sometimes the cotton is primed properly and then becomes burnt.

Reason #1 : Chain Vaping?

What is that? Chain Vaping is when you vape and vape and vape again. Vaping applies heat to the wire and vaporizes the liquid on the cotton. If you "chain" vape you are basically drying out the center of the coil that is enclosed before the e-liquid has a chance to soak back in.

Reason #2: Maximum Wattage Exceeded

Every coil has a range of recommended watts. (e.g. 50-100). This range is determined by the resistance of the coil (different post will explain) and the amount of cotton in the coil. If you fall below the recommended, you can cause it to burn because there is more cotton and the e-liquid is not being vaporized high enough to soak properly. If you go over the recommended capacity of the coil, how much heat that wire can take, then the metal will burn and so will the cotton.

Reason #3: Accidental Fire

So you wanted to just throw the vaporizer into your bag, pocket, etc. Something hits the power button and it starts to fire up the coil. Anything more than a few consecutive seconds, will toast it! Please power off the device and properly store it. Battery safety is among the top of preventative care.

Reason#4: Oops! I dropped it.

The unit looks fine, right? Nope. These are small electronic devices with small parts that are soldered on the inside. Even the simplest of drops can break the solder points and the connections are compromised. Usually when a device drops, the tank is attached. The tank may hit the ground first and take the impact. What you are not seeing is that the coil makes connection with the pin on the base of the tank then gets screwed in to make the connection with the pin inside of the base. After a drop it can and has shifted that connection. The tank may even wobble a little when it is screwed in. So what? If the pins are offset, the coils will not make a solid connection. The base unit will read a "wrong" resistance and send the incorrect power to the coil. Burnt coils.

Reason #5: Defect

It is not a defective unit, but rather defective coils. These small parts are mass produced and we have come across bad batches of coils that are duds. Sometimes, the entire box of coils is bad. But all reasons listed above need to be taken into consideration before deciding the coil is bad. Also, there are times the little rubber gasket on the base is offset or missing.

Reason #6: Fake

Oh, so that many coils for that little money? Sometimes, not all the times, people shop online for their vape products. A lot of customers that have went that route, have come to us to troubleshoot these items. There are many inauthentic products. And it is definitely, not true that if it looks the same, it is the same. Please do your research and shop from trusted websites and vendors. Your safety is the number one issue to begin with.

Reason#7: Base Unit Gone Bad

Sometimes, the base unit is not correctly reading or performing as it should. This could be from drops, improper charging, overcharged batteries, uneven charged batteries or undercharged batteries.


These are just a few reasons of many that can occur with coils. If you have read this and none of these items are applicable, then come visit us with the device, the tank, coil, box and your e-liquid. The more items paired with honest information is helpful. We have heard a lot of stories from devices being thrown to dropping into pools. As always we are here, regardless if you purchased the items elsewhere or from us. We will gladly troubleshoot to find the issue and a resolution.

All posts by vaporize, inc. are solely for informational purposes. It is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. These are just common issues that we have come across and information that we have gathered over time based on our experience. Vaporize, Inc. will not be held liable for any and all device occurrences and/or troubleshooting.

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