• V8 Baby - Q2 Core:


    0.4 ohm Dual Coils

    Recommended Wattage: 40W-80W, Best at 55W-65W

    Dual coils in the 0.4 ohm Q2 core provide tons of flavor.


    V8 Baby - X4 Core:


    0.15 ohm Quadruple Coils

    Recommended Wattage: 30W-70W, Best at 45W-60W

    The quad-coil, 0.15 ohm X4 core performs best at 45-60 watts and provides fantastic flavor.


    V8 Baby - T6 Core:


    0.2 ohm Sextuple Coils

    Recommended Wattage: 40W-130W, Best at 70W-90W

    The 0.2 ohm T6 core includes six coils for massive clouds and smooth flavor.


    V8 Baby - T8 Core:


    0.15 ohm Octuple Coils

    Recommended Wattage: 50W-110W, Best at 60W-80W

    The 0.15 ohm eight-coil T8 core performs best at 60-80 watts, and produces big clouds and tons of flavor.


  • Return/Refund Policy

    Final Sale.  No refunds and/or exchanges.  If any problem arises with the device, you will have to contact the manufacturer directly.  Our warranty with each company covers dead on arrival units (those that do not power on and/or malfunction at the time of our possession).  

    Please make sure to test that your device has power.  We can also power on the device before you leave.  

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