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While working with customers, we’re constantly learning about their needs and managing inquiries that arise. As a result, we’ve included a list of frequently asked questions along with answers in order to provide additional support. If your question isn’t addressed below, get in touch with us and we’ll provide the information you need.


Final Sale on all Products

Vape Products are considered tobacco products.  We are a retail store - not the manufacturer of the devices.

Electronic Devices: Our store return policy is only exempt from dead on arrival devices because that is the warranty we have with our vendors.  We set-up the devices, teach our customers how to use it and make sure everything is in working order.  Unfortunately, once a customer leaves the store with a working device, any warranty and/or replacement issue needs to be addressed to the manufacturer.

Of course, not every issue with a device is a defect or a manufacturer concern.  We implore our customers and other vapers (even if you did not purchase the device from us) to come in with their issues and we will do our best to asses the situation and find a solution... always!  

E-Liquids: We allow our customers to taste their choice of e-liquid before purchasing versus buying blind and then hating the flavor.  There are absolutely no returns or refunds on flavors once the customer has left the premises for hygienic and state law purposes.  

We know every situation is different and we deal with them on a case by case basis.  We will never sell you something that you do not need.  We are here to explain all of the information and answer any questions that our customers have, with or without purchasing.  The decision on purchasing and what to purchase is solely the responsibility of our customers. Everyone works hard for their money and they are the only ones that know best on how to spend it.  We appreciate all of our customers that choose to shop with us and the trust that they place in our hands.  


When we all shop online, we see a picture of a product or in stores, electronic products are usually inside of a sealed box. We found it easier for customers to SEE the color, the size, shape, etc.  in order to make a more informed purchasing decision.  We do not allow customers to touch any of these items so that any device upon purchase remains the same way out of the box.  We have had situations when we first opened in 2016 where items were dropped or smudged.  Overall, it was a deterrent for sale to other customers which they viewed the item as "used"  because people were allowed to touch them.  99.9% of our customers, even the ones that were a little offended, were more than 100% happy at the time of sale knowing that they were the only ones to touch their device.  We understand the frustration of those that are unhappy but we will gladly accept that versus leaving the items in boxes.  We pride ourselves on educating our customers and having the items displayed allows us to explain the similarities and differences.  In the end, the customer makes the decision and we like to provide as much information as possible.  Some things are better left a mystery, this is not one of them. :)


Yes! We offer a Customer Appreciation Token (CAT) Membership.  This membership is good for one year and gives the member 5% off all products and services.  It begins automatically at the point of purchase.  It cannot be combined with special offers (usually the special offer is more economical) and is non-transferable.  Discount is for signed-up member only and must be presented at checkout.


Vaporizers, e-liquids, vape accessories and cigars all fall under a tobacco product by law.  Due to age verification purposes, prices for in-store products are posted in-store only.  As we expand our online products and store, the price will be listed for online specific items.

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