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Endocannabinoid System & Cannabidiol

What is the Endocannabinoid (ECS) System?

It is a network of receptors spread throughout our entire body, discovered in the 80's, that control some of our vital functions. It is a biological system that helps your nervous, immune, endocrine and digestive systems work together. Your ECS regulates some of your body's most vital functions including sleep, mood, reproduction, immune function, pain, movement, brain function, appetite, inflammation, appetite, metabolism, digestion, memory, body temperature and cardiovascular function.

Endocannabinoids are created by the body from foods like fatty acids. These include 2-AG and anandamide. There are also plant cannabinoids that occur naturally in all cannabis plants, CBD and THC are only two cannabinoids out of approximately 60. Researchers suggest that some people may have a condition called CECD (Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency. This means that their ECS is not producing enough cannabinoids naturally to keep their bodily systems functioning properly.

Cannabinoid Receptors

Endocannabinoids such as CBD helps to bring balance to the systems of the body.We have cannabinoid receptors in our bodies, CB1 rceptors are found in our central nervous system and the brain. CB2 receptors are found in our immune cells, gastrointestinal tract and peripheral nervous system.

THC binds to our CB1 receptors primarily in the brain and causes the psychoactive reaction. CBD, on the other hand, does not bind directly to receptors as previously thought. CBD blocks enzymes in our ECS from breaking down endocannabinoids and blocks receptors and prevents other cannabinoids like THC from binding to them. CBD counteracts THC giving the end user all the benefit without intoxication.

Research is ongoing on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and our endocannabinoid system.

Many people are experiencing life changing results without waiting for the "final" studies.

As a side note, the FDA has patented an epilepsy drug with the main ingredient being CBD. The US Government also holds a patent since 2004 for CBD.

Sources: https://satimedusa.pages/what-is-the-endocannabinoid-system

Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational use only. It is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat and/or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. As with anything you consider taking, please consult a physician first. There is a plethora of information, research, etc. and urge you to also conduct your own research to decide what is the best option for you.

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